Warranty Terms

Warranty will strictly apply to all areas where current repairs or replacements have occurred.

This warranty will commence at the completion of the agreed scope of work.


  1. Warranties vary according to the products used and/or the works being performed at the noted property.
  2. MLC Roof Services has a 3 -7-year workmanship guarantee/warranty which applies to all major repairs, new roofs and roof replacement works.
  3. Any minor repairs carried out by MLC Roof Services are guaranteed for a 1-year period, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Our warranty/guarantees apply upon the completion of all works and the receipt of final payment.
  5. In the event that MLC Roof Services is contacted to resolve any Warranty issues which are unrelated to our work, or the damage is a result of other trade contractors, a call-out surcharge of $200.00+gst will be applied and payable. Additional charges may apply, if the damages sustained are extensive.
  6. Any water ingress issues that arise will be reported to Management by way of photographic report. This will document if it is a scope of work-related problem or if it is due to exclusions as noted below.
  7. Any call outs for potential repairs can be made direct to the MLC Office or through the managing agent of the property.
  8. If our work should fail for any reason within the warranty timeframe, we guarantee to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible – without charge


  1. Should adequate and safe access to roof not be available, the cost of Access equipment will be passed on to owners. Prior approval will be sought.
  2. Severe weather events, where 50mm of more of rain occurs in one day.
  3. Any corrosion that forms to the core of the sheet panels due to age, wear & tear. (this element is out of our control)
  4. Any Storm related Damage or effects of extreme weather. (e.g. Driving rain causing water ingress at sheets or flashings)
  5. Damage caused by other contractors.
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